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“Soren Lee is a deeply soulful player, whether he’s burning it up or telling a story through one of his beautiful ballads.”
                                                             – Larry Goldings, pianist/organist




“Soren Lee is one of the strongest voices on the guitar today. His playing and writing have always been on the highest level and he continues to hone and define his musical personality. One of my favorites!”  

                                                                   - Peter Bernstein, guitarist






     “This trio is on fire!” 

                                                              – Adam Nussbaum, drummer





“What a pleasure to discover Søren Lee–a Tribute to the universal appeal of music–jazz music–simply outstanding.”                                                                                                                        -Jim Hall, guitarist






“Lee is one of those musicians who is always a pleasure to listen to; consistently inventive and articulate. Diversity Trio with Linley Marthe and Niclas Campagnol must surely number among his best work.”                                                                                               -JazzWise Magazine






“This group hits hard and fast-very to the point when then they play. I highly recommend you check their music out.”                                                                                                               –George Garzone, saxophonist  




“What an Incredible record from one of the best guitarist composers around.”                                                            

                                                                        –Aaron Comess, drumm




”The music reached it’s max, when Søren got down to business, all aesthetic considerations were ignored, and the music turned into flesh and blood…”

[Politiken). Boris Rabinowitch]

"Brilliant guitar talent, Søren Lee is a formidable guitarist nothing less"

[Jyllands Posten]

"The common thread is Søren Lees virtuoso and extremely sensitive tone"


Sit down and carefully listen to Lee who treats his

instrument so sensitive, swinging, dangerous and ongoing,

like a dream.


[Peter Nørgaard Extra Bladet]

"Raw energy, ingenuity, vibrance and melodic consequence is what makes up Søren Lee"


[Kjeld Frandsen - Berlingske]

"Søren Lee,  master guitar player superior with a superior personal touch.."


[Fyns Stiftstidende]

Søren Lee is an incredibly exciting musician, with great ingenuity, virtuositt, continuity and energy


Fabulous virtuosity and dreamy ballads, world class!


[Flemming Nordenhof]

"Søren Lee Diversity Trio" live at Jazzhus Montmartre 7th of September 2018


I do not recall having heard a guitar trio with as much intensity as the guitarist Søren Lee and his new Diversity Trio. From beginning of the first song to the end of the concert the music was played with an infectious intensity and a far-reaching imagination. There! Now that’s said.


I was familiar with Lee’s and Campagnol’s technical proficiencies, although quite new to the bassist Linley Marthe, but to experience the quivering energy that occurs when three musicians with their own perception of the soul in. To find musicians that challenge each other at such a high level is an extremely satisfying rare occurrence. 

The themes seem straightforward simple, whilst containing multiple layers of improvisation deeply weaved into the narrative. 


All three musicians went deeply into the character of each theme, and blew them up as if they were multicoloured figurine-like balloons. It was a sumptuous experience.

Does it sound like I was on acid trip? Yes, maybe, but when the music contains so much energy, and desire with each player moving around one another so elegantly, brought me to feel that my only glass of red wine probably was supplemented with something else than that of 12 percent alcohol.

The bartender purely denied that this was the case, so it clearly had to be the power of the music alone that gave me such a feeling. Thanks for it!


Review by Niels Christensen

Former music manager at Jazzhus Montmartre (Nørregade 1976-1989) Music consultant, writer, soundengineer,

Review editor of the magazine "Jazz Special".

Søren Lee Diversity trio. (dont miss it) 15.10.2018


High energy guitar, bass, drums trio that takes you on a journey of new musical experiences.


All three musicians are virtuoso’s, very original and bring you places that reflect on the here and now, whilst providing a unique update of the guitar trio format.

It is played with a huge amount of resources and ingenuity. Even though the trio is quite new, the musicians have found their very own sound.      


Søren Lee’s great open compositions makes room for the musicians individuality and talents, so the music thereby can unfold freely. The result brings a very vital, wild energy with so much power that you, as a listener, are left breathless.

In contrast to the wild free jazzy energy, Søren’s trio has written some divine Nordic-sounding songs with their own original twist.


All three musicians have provided a divine tribute to music history with a headstrong attitude.  

They’ve created a new youthful, contemporary vision of the guitar sound with a full-speed forward energy that gives the music scene an urgent renewal. …dont miss it


Ps. As a bass player I have to emphasise Linley Marthe, which to me is the absolute wildest, original, surprisingly best performing bass player on the stage right now.


The best recommendations and with the best musical Greetings

Bo Stief Musician/Composer

(Known from his playing with the band Entrance, Stan Getz, Palle Mikkelborg among many others).

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