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This is a classic Guitar trio. (guitar, bass, drums)
But as Peter Rahbek (journalist from the music magazine jazzspecial) wrote in his
first impressions after listening to the music from this album:
"Yes! There is a primordial force that draws you in. A sense of form, freedom and focus, "play for your life!"

 Performed by some of the most paramount professional musicians."

From the island of Mauritius, Linley Marthe is considered by some as the world’s foremost jazz bassist. That's quite a claim. But here is what someone who certainly knew about bass players had to say: “Linley is just a phenomenon. I don’t know if there is anybody who can touch him in terms of overall bass playing.”
(J. Zawinul:

Linley played with The Joe Zawinul Syndicate during the last several years before Zawinul died. Other top artists Linley has worked with include Cheb Mami, Dave Liebman, Nguyen Le, Trilok Gurtu, Jean Luc Ponty, Paco Séry and Randy Brecker.

Linley Marthe
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