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D i v e r s i t y

Søren Lee Diversity trio. (dont miss it) 15.10.2018
High energy guitar, bass, drums trio that takes you on a journey of new musical experiences.
All three musicians are virtuoso’s, very original and bring you places that reflect on the here and
now, whilst providing a unique update of the guitar trio format.
It is played with a huge amount of resources and ingenuity. Even though the trio is quite new, the
musicians have found their very own sound.
Søren Lee’s great open compositions makes room for the musicians individuality and talents, so the
music thereby can unfold freely. The result brings a very vital, wild energy with so much power that
you, as a listener, are left breathless.
In contrast to the wild free jazzy energy, Søren’s trio has written some divine Nordic-sounding
songs with their own original twist.
All three musicians have provided a divine tribute to music history with a headstrong attitude.
They’ve created a new youthful, contemporary vision of the guitar sound with a full-speed forward
energy that gives the music scene an urgent renewal. …dont miss it

The best recommendations and with the best musical Greetings
Bo Stief Musician/Bassist/composer

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