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Up coming album release HOPE June 28 2024 - listen here 2nd single 



Recent Album releases SØREN LEE


Søren Lee Lee Diversity Trio Live in Montmartre Jan. 2023 (Linley Marthe)


"Tranesformation" Storyville records listen here:"

Tribute to John Coltrane. Oct. 2023 Søren Lee-Brian Melvin-Mads Søndergaard


Standard Exposure Listen here:The Jazz Explorer June 20th. 2023 


Further Exposure: Listen here: The Jazz Explorer Feb. 2nd 2024

“Soren Lee is a deeply soulful player, whether he’s burning it up or telling a story through one of his beautiful ballads.”
  – Larry Goldings, pianist/organist

"What a pleasure to discover Søren Lee...

A Tribute to the universal appeal of music, jazz music

- Simply outstanding"                         

                                                 - Jim Hall, guitarist


Jazzhus Montmartre and more

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Check out this video from the "Diversity" sessions!
See more videos here

Tranesformation trio live at Jazzhus Montmartre

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